The consumer may appeal any denial or reduction in hours and services, including a refusal to allow the full number of hours the consumer feels s/he needs. The consumer also has a right to appeal a Share-of-Cost (SOC) determination (a decision asking that you pay a share of the cost of your in-home care because your income is above the SSI threshold.) The best way to proceed is to follow these steps:

  1. Contact your IHSS social worker to discuss your concerns. If this does not resolve the issue,
  2. Contact your social worker’s supervisor and discuss the situation with them. If this does not resolve the issue,
  3. Ask for a Fair Hearing. This must be done within ten days of the date on the Notice of Action.

To request a Fair Hearing see the instructions below:

  • Fill out the back of the Notice of Action form and send it to the address on the form; or
  • Call the toll free number, 1-800-952-5253, or TDD for hearing and speech impaired, 1-800-952-8349
  • Send a letter to: California Department of Social Services State Hearing Division PO Box 944243, Mail Station 19-37 Sacramento, CA 94244-2430

If a consumer requests a fair hearing prior to the effective date of the notice to reduce or terminate his/her hours and services, these benefits will continue at the previous level until the hearing decision is made. For help with appeals, contact legal services, Independent Living Centers (ILC), Protection and Advocacy, Inc. (PAI) for disabled persons (1-800-776-5746) or other advocacy groups for seniors and/or persons with disabilities.