One of the Public Authority’s core services is to maintain a list of Providers to be referred out to IHSS Consumers. We call this list the Registry.

How the Registry Works

Our goal is to make the best match possible for both the IHSS Consumer and Provider.

For Providers

Registry providers are held to a higher standard than others who work for the IHSS program. In order to qualify for the Registry, providers must pass a Department of Justice background check and have two positive work references and a positive personal reference. Our screening process focuses on dependability, responsibility, and quality of work. Registry providers must attend an orientation, which outlines the Public Authority’s policies and expectations. In order to be placed on our Registry, providers must sign a Provider Enrollment Agreement and agree to adhere to the standards of professionalism set out by the Public Authority. Any violation of this agreement may result in the provider’s removal from the Registry.

For Consumers

Our Registry Specialists go through a detailed intake process with each Registry Consumer in order to determine his or her needs, schedule, and preferences. The Registry Specialist generates a list of Providers who might be potential matches and sends this to the Consumer. The Consumer is responsible for interviewing, hiring, and managing his or her provider(s). Registry Specialists are available to assist with interviews as requested and often help to facilitate consumer-provider communication.

Do You Need Help Finding a Provider?

If you are interested in hiring a provider from the Registry, contact one of our Registry Specialists to start the process today.

Would You Like to Become a Registry Provider?

If you are interested in working as a Registry Provider, go to our Registry Jobs page to find out how to apply.